Help! No Interactions triggering on iPad / Safari

Hey, just noticed none of my interactions are triggering on my iPad / Safari (iOS 12.5.7)

Instead i just get blank space. :frowning_with_open_mouth:

Its a serious issue for my client - it even means the site navigation wont reveal on portrait iPad

For example:
Theres a ‘slide in’ interaction set to the form - I’m seeing it work everywhere apart from the ipad.*
If i remove the interaction its fine - but i cant remove all interactions from the site.

Can anyone help / advise on how to get these working?

Other projects ive published in the past still have working interactions on the same iPad!

Ive reset the ipad in case it was a pop blocker or some other settings but no luck.

Should look like this:

But looks like this:

Not a good look!

Hoping its something to do with the current webflow status ( some hosted sites have ‘degraded performance’ )


Here is my public share link: LINK
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I am also experiencing this issue with a client. My suggestion would be to contact Webflow Support directly.