Help needed with navbar and dropdown menu

Hi Everyone,

It’s my first post here and I’m not very comfortable to write in english, so my apologies in advance for my “unusual” language :slight_smile:

I’m trying to solve a problem with a dropdown menu on the shared link below, as you can see my dropdown list is too height for a common screen setting and its scroll didn’t work.

I’ve tried to to split my dropdown content (it’s a dynamic list) onto a multiple columns layout but without succes.

Here is my public share link:
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Salut Nico et bonne année!

Your english is perfect, don’t apologize.

To me, your technical problem is a design problem. We can find a way to make your Dropdown List scrollable, but would it make the experience better? I’m not sure… That would be better to find a way for you users to find where to click without having to scroll.

The multiple columns way, or grid, is a better solution than to make the list scrollable, let’s try to do that.

Here’s a little screencast to guide you down one possible way to do just this:

S’il y a des détails qui t’échappent, demande moi en français :wink:

Hope this helps.

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Salut Vincent,

Merci de ta réponse et bonne année à toi aussi.

Super, c’est exactement ce que je tentais de faire (mais en essayant de reconstruire une navigation entièrement à la main.).

Je me plonge la dedans.

Encore un big merci de ton aide :wink:

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