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Help needed with full screen slide show

In toggle preview it is full screen, published it is not. See screenshots.
I set slideshow, slider, mask and slide all to 100 % VW and 100% VH, the image to „cover“.
Help would be very much appreciated.

Your slider is set to 85 VW so it won’t fill the size.

I’d also suggest you set your navigation to hidden and trigger it to open when needed. That way you can actually see your site content.

Hi and thank you for your reply.
I cannot see the 85 VW – see enclosed screenshots. All elements of the slider are set to 100 VW or auto.
Concerning the navigation – this is happening. Thanx for reminding.
Best wishes, Kurt!
Bildschirmfoto 2020-01-13 um 08.36.18|252x499

Hi Dave, it looks like it is an issue arising only with retina displays.

After checking the HiDPI-box on all images it works fine – same result toggle preview and test server = full screen slider. Before – when working with background images – this was no issue. In this new project I startet to use image “fit”. Maybe that is where the problem arose.
Thanks again Dave for having a look.