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Help needed with dynamic content

I am currently developing a site and have a feature that seems made for CMS but I do not (yet) have the expertise to solve this.

The site is for a real estate developer. On the page in question, it starts with a grid of thumbnails, as seen in the file “1.jpg”, highlighted in red. Clicking any thumbnail causes the gallery of photos for that property to load above the grid, along with the property title and a description paragraph, as seen in the file “2.jpg”. Now, I suppose I could do this with a show/hide element trigger, but that’s not as elegant. It also makes the next feature, the “previous” and “next” navigation arrows, very challenging to implement.

As seen in the file “3.jpg”, to the left and right of the property title are green arrows, for navigating to the previous and next property gallery and information. Using “previous” and “next” is really challenging for me to understand.

The link for the page in question is

Please note that currently I have ALL the properties on the page - it would never actually be like this, of course.

Thank you for any help!