Help needed with Design

Hi guys and gals.

What will it be the right way to create this effect in Webflow?

Trying to make a timeline of Photo albums.

Thank you for any given help

Can you please specify the effect you are refering to?

Are you talking about the super fast scrolling on the site?

Actualy I am trying to achieve same design as seen on this page. That is
this timeline design. With line and dots in the midle and those triangles
at every post.
This page is blogger template. But I would like to build a web page, not
blog. Thise post boxes in template will replace with Lightboxes. And each
will open another page related to the photo album

Made a quick tutorial which should give you a good idea how to go forward:

I actually used this type of design in a site I’m currently working on:

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@DharmaNode, Thank you Michael for video tutorial. That’s exactly what I wanted. Fast and simple, yet effective way :))

Thank you

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