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Help needed - Multi language keyword for Single Domain


I have a global website in single language English. I dont have the translated version for this website and also i dont have sub directories or sub domian for the website.

Now i need to work for two different language kewords. How do it???

Kindly help me to resolve this issue.

Thank you in advance

Work on getting the website translated, and then clone the project and change the text on the site, and host it on a subdomain. This is a good read.

Simple really, just needs effort on your part.

If you prefer someone to do it for you instead, we have a freelance category.

Hi, violasherly,

I recommend to complete the English version of the website in Webflow’s designer.
Then copy the website for the second language. And use a new domain name for this website. (Preferably a domain name for the country where the website is intended)

For SEO this is the best way. Working with sub-domain names is less relevant to Google. Just like working with domain or domain

Good luck