Help Needed for Creating Blog Through Webflow but

…but still able to accumulate readers and followers through seamless integration with larger platforms and social media.

Going to be blogging about mental health and health, and planning to do a lot of multimedia content.

Was hoping to collaborate, but just started a weight loss program at Duke so eager to set up a nice interface and get started. Thus, willing to hire a freelancer!

Please sent quotes/estimates and examples of work.

I have experimented with Webflow on my own and do hope to be able to learn and manage/maintain it fairly independently…or at least manage updates and light customizations or changes.

I have an account with Webflow but been inactive and want to focus on content. For what it’s worth, I got the ‘Wider’ template and played around with it in the past–was always pretty satisfied with it! But haven’t explored new updates and new additions with the templates in recent months…

Drop me an email if you’re available at: Maguire(dot)marty(at)gmail(dot)com.

Email is also in my profile. -Marty

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