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Help Needed: Extra Space in Body After Last Section

For some reason I have extra space in the body after the last section. Does anyone know how to eliminate that?

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There are a few ways you could handle it. One would be to increase your section heights because your page is very short or just make you “body” background color the same black.

There has to be something in there that is adding the extra space that I’m not seeing. I don’t think there is a standard height for the body so it should only contain what’s in it…

So I"m thinking I’m missing something.

It doesn’t matter how tall the section heights are. It always retains the same amount of extra space below.

Hi @sstrantz,

The section heights do matter. For example, on the desktop query if you increase the minimum height of the “Section Main Home” to 374px then the grey area at the bottom goes away.

If you don’t want to increase the section heights, I’d recommend making your body background black instead of grey. You can see by clicking on the grey area at the bottom of page that it’s the “body” color controlling that area.

I see that what you are saying would alleviate the problem…

Does that mean that there is a minimum height that is required for a page? And that anything less than that minimum height will always have space below it in any website?

Somehow that doesn’t make sense to me. It seems that there should be something in the body that is making it default to some height that could be changed.

Basically, the site is going to need to fill the Browser space with something. Partly, the size of the space is going to depend on screen size/resolution and the size the user has the browser window adjusted to. Normally, I don’t worry about height too much but I guess at least 1024px high would solve most situations…

What I’d probably do is make the slider section taller or even a certain percentage of screen size. You could also wrap the slider and footer in a div, give it 100vh and then make the slider 75% of the div and the footer 25%…the results could take a lot of adjusting though on mobile.

Thanks for all the replies! I’m going to have to think on it for awhile and decide which way I want to go to resolve it.

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Hi @sstrantz, I was just taking a look at the site home page, but i did not see any white space, did you change something ?

Hi @cyberdave

I had changed it to black. I just changed it back to a dark gray which is what it was originally so if you look now, you should see the dark gray.

Of course, if I didn’t have a bg color it would have been white :slightly_smiling:

@cyberdave and @jdesign

What jdesign said about the view height being dependent on the screen size/resolution of the user makes sense.

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