Help needed: Custom Grid for different breakpoints

I have a 2 column 1 row grid at the desktop and tablet breakpoints which I want to change to a 1 column 2 row grid at the mobile landscape and potrait breakpoints.

I am trying to do this by creating a combo class and editing the grid at the appropriate break-point.

However, webflow is auto-generating a column to make room for grid items and areas.

Can someone help with what might be the issue here or what might be the right way to do this.

On a side note, I am following the steps similar to the “Hatch Demo Tutorial”.

(Timestamp of 20th minute in this video: A New Framework for Webflow Just Hatched! - YouTube )

The link to my read-only page is:



hi @VarunP and welcome, I will suggest to visit Webflow University first to learn how to work with this platform.

In meantime here is something about grid