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Help needed – burger icon not showing

a burger icon is not showing in the live site. ( )
Works OK in webflow preview ( )
I made a test on another server and there it also does not show at all. (

I tried svg and png, deleted the files, new upload, replaced image. It worked once on desktop, now not at all anymore.

Help would be appreciated

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Hey @kurt

Is the problem still there?

Right now I can see the menu icn just fine

Piter :webflow_heart:

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Hey Piter,
thanks for checking – yes, it works now. Webflow Support helped. I had to delete the PNG-file, disconnect it, build a new file with a new name and different size and reconnect it. Also there was an issue with file export in Safari, it worked in Chrome.
Best, Kurt


Sounds good!

Closing the topic :webflow_heart:

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