HELP! Nav Link Broken

Hi there… please could someone help… for the life of me i have no idea why my navbar links are broken. they used to work and then i was asked to turn off the drop down, i have turned it back on & it still doesn’t work!

Here is my read only link:

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Hi there,

Sorry if off topic, can I just check if by ‘broken’ you mean the dropdowns don’t work as they should? I click on a few they go straight to the page - is this what you mean?

I would have a look at the setup - seems there’s the navlink for the ‘Categories’ which sits on the clickable drop down tab, as well as the collection lists under each category.

Not sure having the link when you click the dropdown is ideal as maybe an unfamiliar action to many if that makes sense.

If you can provide some more information, hopefully someone can help :slight_smile:

  • Dom

Hi there,

Thanks so much for the response. No sorry, I mean the links within the drop down don’t go anywhere. they used to click through to the subcategories but now they don’t click anywhere despite being nav-links. So in your screenshot… all links dropped down in ‘Disputes’ all don’t link through to their page.

Yeah I see where you’re coming from. The client wants a category page & then a sub-category page so this seemed to be the only solution.

Thanks again for your response.


No worries -

Hopefully not a stupid one, but when I look at the navigator I can see the ‘nav-link’, but upon each of these, on the right hand side (as per image) - these are all set to go to a ‘page section’ (i.e. a jump to) NOT the page itself (which would be the purple page icon I believe).

Think that’s what you’re after!

Not stupid at all!!

I think that was on ‘jump to’ after playing around with it earlier. When I just went and checked and switched it back to the page icon it still won’t click through to anything. I don’t know why it is like this… it all started as i needed to turn the drop down off then back on again due to change of heart… and now i have no idea how to get the links to work again. I don’t know if i’ve turned something off but i thought it would just be that general button.

Thanks again,