Help! Nav bar in front of cart wrapper (positioning issue)

Hey, everyone. No matter how much I adjust the positioning settings, including the z-axis, I can not seem to get the dark blue nav bar (and everything within it) get out of the way of the cart wrapper and its contents.

Please take a look! I feel that this should be a relatively easy fix, but I’m stumped.
My read-only link: Webflow - Off-Road Opus

Some screenshots

Thanks for all your help in advance!

Played around with the settings and adjustments . . . no luck Still haven’t gotten it to work :[

Hi @offroadopus! You have a z-index:0 set to your main-nav div. I removed it and it seems to work. When a parent div has a low z-index, all the children take the same index even if they have higher index set.

Thank you, that worked! . . . Although we have a new problem

Click on one of the buttons in the navy blue nav bar and a drawer comes out with more options. The logo, buttons from the green nav bar and cart icon are now on top of the drawer wrapper.
They go right through:

Hi @offroadopus , Same problem, you just need to make sure that the z-index of the parent is cleared out (auto) so the index you gave to the drawer can be applied :slight_smile:
Let me know if it works!