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Help modifying DateDropper a datepicker with JQuery

Hello everyone,

I’m working on a project where a datepicker is needed. I need it to have a variable where you can block two days. The Bakery needs two days to prepare the order. Therefore if someone goes in and order a cake today, the pickup days needs to start on March 15th.

I found a very handy and customizable datedropper. Here is the documentation.

I added the code using CDN, with a snippet between the head tags and also an embed code. I also need it to pull the .css that the generator creates and use in Spanish. I know very little of JS to say nothing. If someone could look into this and help me out, I will very much appreciate it.

Here is my preview link, go to the page pedidos-especiales to see the embed at the bottom.

Preview link
Published Link

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