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Help me test register overlay!

Hi there!

I’ve been busy creating a register overlay (which I’ll use as a template for all my other overlays), but I was having some issues in Safari with the interactions that I added not functioning properly - they seem to be working now.

The link to my live project is (it’s very much a work in progress still), but I’d love it if you could click the blue ‘+ Register’ button to check that the Registration overlay pops up, and then hit the ‘X’ in the overlay to close it again.

If it doesn’t work, please let me know which browser you’re on. If it works across the board (or most of it, anyway), i’d be happy to show others how I created the overlay.

Also, for those of you that are pros with Webflow, is there a way I can have the slider ‘Next’ button move relative to the slider? If you click the blue ‘Next’ button, the button stays in the exact location.

Thank you!

  1. Register works great :) Good job!
  2. There are 2 options:
  • You could try to redesign the original Webflow Slider Arrow or…
  • If Webflow will fix the issue I’ve reported lately you should be able to use a .trigger('click') function and apply to your custom all-time-visible arrows/buttons.
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Works perfectly on latest Chrome version.

Although I like to exit the overlay by clicking outside the box… I’m lazy like that :smile:

Make a video walkthrough on how you achieved this please.

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@ns89 - Thanks! I’m lazy like that too. I was trying to work on it but it’s a bit trickier. Will keep trying and I’ll get round to posting a tutorial soon.

@bartekkustra - Thank you! Not sure if redesigning will help with the positioning, but I guess I could just move the next/previous buttons to the left and right so that they are not disrupted by the forms growing/shrinking.

Thanks guys