Help me link to a section on another page

I’ve been going round in circles and i’m now stuck in a hole!
I’ve followed all the instructions and comments elsewhere, what am I not seeing/doing right??

I simply want to link my ‘Branding’ project wrapper to the Branding section on the other page.
Thanks in advance for saving my sanity.

Hey Rich!

In the link settings try making the URL of an external link /page#sectionID
Example: /services#branding

Let me know if that helps!


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Hi Ryan,
Thanks for you reply.

I currently am using

earlyyearsadvance being the page name. /Branding, being the receiving container. #Branding1 being the container settings. ?

What other info would be helpful?

If you could share your read-only link with me I can take a loot at your project and get a better understanding of your setup.

To do so simply follow the instructions here:


Ok, here’s the link:

On the first page, half way down is a section called Design. I’m currently working with the first box of six called Branding.

This is what the external link should look like. Sorry it might look weird I had to switch over to my phone because in away from my computer.

Also quick tip! Start renaming your classes to be able to find specific things quicker in the future. “Branding Column” is a lot easier to look for than “Section, row, column14, project wrapper” it will help a lot on the long run!

I just realized that the ID on the link is branding1.

I’ll break it down a little better here:


the page is going to be the URL slug of the page you are going to. Like

the #SectionID is going to be the ID of the section you want the page to jump to. It can be a div, section, image… whatever you like! So an example would be

But the URL of the external link called Project Wrapper just needs to be /page#sectionID

Like my screenshot shows.

I hope that makes it a little more clear!

So the slug of the page you want to go to is project-page:

So this is what you want your project wrapper link to look like. Publish the site and test it out:

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for your advice, much appreciated.
I’ve followed you steps and used the slug name & applied to the project wrapper also tried to tidy up some of the classes. It hasn’t worked, it feel like there’s something obvious i’m failing to do – any thoughts?

Thanks Ryan,
That’s what i’ve been missing, I now see, it’s not enough to publish the site then switching the eye view on! Thanks again for pulling me out of my ignorance, all is working as expected!!


Happy to help! Glad it worked out