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Help me learn a little about banners

Does anyone have an idea of a tutorial or cheat I can peek at to help me with a question? I’m challenging myself to learn a little more about Webflow by implementing a click to close banner. I followed one of Nelson’s tutorials to build it, and learned a lot.

To take it one step further, I’m interested in understanding how the banner could push down page content (including main and sticky nav) on load. When closed, the popup would shrink and the page would return to the top.

I have everything working (except the cookies jquery which I’m going to post in another topic) the way I want except that the banner floats over the page content instead of pushing it down.

I assume this all has to do with applying the correct combination of ‘fixed’, ‘absolute’ and ‘relative’ targeting in the positioning…but I’m stumped and can’t get it right.

Any ideas?

Here’s the read only

An accordion comes to mind for me.