Help me in pricing plan suggestion

I am new to webflow. I was making my website on Wix but its not optimise and site loading speed is not good. So I decided to shift but I am confused that which pricing plan should I choose on webflow.

  1. I want my portfolio website with blogs section. So overall there will be portfolio and blog sections along with some generic static sections.
  2. I want to make another static website for my mobile app.

NOTE: I already bought hosting and domain.

Suggest me two pricing plan, one for only first website and one for both of them.


Hi @Mohammed_Hunain

Welcome to the forums - pricing is a little confusing at first!

Regarding the mobile app you mentioned - do you mean the mobile version of your site? (if so - the designer has you covered at 4 different breakpoints) or simply you have a mobile app you want to promote with a website?

(Just to mention - some people use Webflow to design UI’s/Mockups for mobile apps too)

To me, there seems to be a couple of options that would work for you:

  1. The Free starter plan - 2 sites with 2 pages - find your way around for free - when you are ready you can add hosting to a site to unlock limitations. It is possible to use Webflow for free, just paying for hosting - see @jmw blog post on that:

  2. The Lite plan - 10 sites, with less limitations, and add hosting to a site when you are ready - if you are going to develop more than just your own sites, this might be a good way to go.

When you say you bought hosting - are you intending to export the site from Webflow to use that external hosting? If so, you’ll need to take a look here, and will need at least the Lite plan to do that:

Hope that’s useful - contact the support team for more details:

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@Mohammed_Hunain to piggyback on @StuM’s detailed response:

Hosting is sold on a per-site basis (so there’s no one pricing plan that will cover hosting for both your needs here).

You’ll want CMS Hosting for your personal site (to power the blog and portfolio).

Like Stu, I’m a little confused by what you mean by needing hosting for your “mobile app.” As Stu said, your made-in-Webflow site will be responsive so there’s no need for a separate mobile “app” if that’s your need.

Re your note that you already bought hosting and domain — do you mean you purchased those through Webflow, or through a third-party?

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Thank you very much both of you for taking out time for writing to me.

Let me first clear the confusion. By the mobile app, I meant the landing page (a website) for a mobile app product that list the features and etc which is static most of the time.

Its a bit more clear to me now.

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