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Help me! How can I click behind a fixed element?


I want to place a title on the middle of the site, and I want to keep clickable everything behind that. How can I do this? Help meeeee

Here is it:

Thank you!:yellow_heart:

I wish you’d share with us the logic behind this concept :blush: - anyway try the Z-index menu it might work for you

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Just a little gag :smiley: but the Z-index doesn’t work :frowning: still unclickable the content behind

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Add this in custom code for the element you want to be “click-through”:

.element {

pointer-events: none;


yesss Thank you so much!:slight_smile:

No problem! You may want to keep this trick in mind for variety of layout effects in the future

Amazing! I came to help and I leave with more knowledge. :smile: What A forum!!!