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Help me build this bundle upsell component

Hi all,

Hoping to see if anyone can help me build this bundle upsell component for Webflow E-com. Any possible methods or workarounds?

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I have 6 service areas + 1 package = 7 categories
4 of these service areas have a bundled package that we want to upsell on their respective product pages.

E.g. In the category “Setting up” there is a bundle called “Start up package” and in the category “Employing staff” there is a bundle called “Employment Package”.

Now the intuitive thing I would like to build is to display the correct bundle package on the correct product page, depending on current category.

If only you could do multiple… or even double filters… This would be easy.

How would you build this?

Here is my public share link: [[LINK]1]
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Nevermind… I have solved it!
Let me know if anyone needs something like this.

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@thanksthom yay! Glad to hear that!

Hey everyone! I’m building a plugin that allows your Webflow e-commerce sites to have post purchase one-click upsells. You can see a demo and apply for early access at Flow Phantom

Hey All,

I have built a solution for this challenge in webflow e-commerce site - SalesJump. It supports -

:arrow_up: Upsell
:twisted_rightwards_arrows: Cross-Sell
:gift: Right on your product page create offers your customers can’t refuse.

Yes please :pray: if you can share I would like to know how.