Help: Many unusual users from another country on my site

Hi, I am currently designing my own site. A few weeks ago I added Google Analytics and this gave me insights into where users come from. Important: The site is not fully online yet. So far you can only see the logo. You can only access other pages with a password. The site is hosted in Germany and should only have European users because the service offered is only offered regionally. However, during the past few weeks, there have been almost 200 users coming from the US. I ask myself where do they come from and why? Also interesting: The average interaction time is always 0:00m. For German users 0:30m.
At first I didn’t think about it. However, the correct password has now been used twice to log in to email addresses of the same domain. Luckily the hosting service provider blocked the login. The passwords are all over 16 characters long and contain special characters, so no simple ones…

One thought was that Webflow accesses the domains when editing… is that possible?

I would be happy if someone could help me. I know my english is not the best, sorry for that ;).

First, Google Analytics does its best with GeoIP lookups but it’s not always very accurate. I regularly see US traffic on non-US sites, typically from Maryland. It seems certain mobile phone networks route through Maryland, or that for some reason their IP’s are mis-catalogued. So don’t put too much faith in that location data.

Google Ads is similar. You can tell Google Ads that you only want clients within a 5km radius, but you’ll get a much broader scope than that.

Are you using Memberships? If so, there’s the self-enrollment feature, it sounds like some people have self enrolled. Check and see if your /sign-up page is visible.

Your explanation is missing some important details here- the hosting service provider = Webflow? Or are you hosting your site on a separate service with a different login mechanism?

That’s mostly irrelevant, browsers have an auto-generate secure password feature now. Makes things much easier for users.