Help Links need fixing and Videos need updating

  1. A month ago, I formally reported a 404 Page not Found broken link - an important one in the Help section: General Help - 'Web Design Best Practices. I received a formal reply from Webflow staff thanking me for the notification, and saying that he’d look into it. Of course, with the main Webflow site designed in the product, one could be forgiven for an expectation that a broken internal link might be fixed in seconds - i.e. even before he replied to me. In any case, the link is still broken.

  2. There’d probably be general agreement I would expect, that the hardest feature to use in Webflow is the Interactions, yet it seems to me that the tutorials and videos are out of date in that they haven’t been updated in regards to the change in the product user interface. Am I correct in this?

Hi @KimJordan, thanks a lot for your followup. I am sorry that the link had not been updated yet, that is on me :-/ I will make sure to check that immediately.

Regarding the tutorial videos on interactions those were made awhile back and new videos are getting created to replace the old ones. I am sorry if this has caused you some grief.

The UI has changed somewhat with the location of the interactions panel and some other UI elements have changed also. The basic operation of the interactions is still the same.

Thanks for raising this, it will get taken care of. Please let me know if I can be of some other assistance.


Thanks Dave for responding. How about you give us all a target date for getting those videos and tutorials updated - that would be helpful, probably to those tasked with the job too!!!

There was also an expectation by me that Webflow staff might have responded to this too:

but so far nothing…

Hi @KimJordan, thanks for the update. New materials are being worked on to replace those links and videos to coincide with other updates that are WIP. I cannot give an ETA yet, more info soon on that.

On the templates issue you mentioned, this will be checked. I am sorry for the delay, we try to get to all posts within 24-48 hours, but sometimes it may take longer.

As soon as I have an update for you on the template checking, I will update your post.


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