Help Linking to Product Page from Home Screen

I know this is a basic question, but it has me in knots. I have a simple home page here: LINK

And I want to simply link “Apparel” with a single product page I’ve made. So I understand that my product template here — LINK — must be rejiggered into a CMS Collection to be linked, but despite a lot of YouTubeing and Forum searching, I can’t figure out how.

It should be simple, no? I just want to point “apparel” to the single product page (for now).

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks so much.

Do you not have the URL to the page you want to link to? Just add that.

No, because all I have created is the Product Page via the Product Page template. From what I can gather, that’s not even a real “page,” so I need to get that onto an actual page. Again—I know this is kind of basic, but for some reason I can’t figure it out. :frowning_face:

What do you mean by this? The template is for the CMS items (in your case under “products”). Each item gets it’s own page, with its own URL, and uses the same template. Just publish the item and go to this url:

2021-06-07 13_09_15-Webflow - The Present Dimension

Thanks. I didn’t realize that each product had it own URL … I was lost in a maze of CMS, thinking that each “product” has to be funneled in via a collection.

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