HELP - Link box/button

Greetings people,

I’m currently creating a website for a client and he wants the same buttons as these -
Since I came back, UI has changed and I can’'t seem to find a way to do it with flex box, and inline is also not an option since I can’t line it up horizontally? Can you give me a hand?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @Matija_Minovic1 Have you already started dude? Do you have a Read Only link for us to check for you?

Hey dude, I really got nothing to share. I was playing around with Link boxes for some time but i can’t seem to make it work like on the linked site. Basically I know how to do the hover animation but i have problem with flex box not being able to change it’s width according to children elements. When I set it to auto it fills the whole width of the parent element. And I don’t really know how to align horizontally using Inline-box.

Does it work if you align like this


and maybe set a Max Width on the link block?


380px was just for example by the way.

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you could also wrap the link block in a div and forget about the max width and it will increase / decrease in size depending on content inside.30

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That’s the solution! Thank you dude!

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