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Help keep my Webflow hosting alive!

Had some issues… Removing this thread.

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As a stopgap measure are you able to export your portfolio site from Webflow and setup with a good host for a couple of bucks a month? At least you won’t lose your work and you’ll be able to stay visible to prospects.

Unfortunately that’s one of the downsides of SaaS, when you can’t pay your means of production goes away. Kind of like forcing carpenters to rent their hammers.

On the upside it looks like you’re leaving a very expensive place to live and web design can be done from nearly anywhere on the planet.

I took a look at your portfolio. As a suggestion I’d brush up if possible on your UX, UI can always be tweaked through new artwork.

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Frankly that was the biggest thing that is preventing me from committing to Webflow. I’m not a web designer by trade but found the designer easy enough to move around in with a little effort.

I wanted a tool that I could use on demand, easily export the sites and place on the hosting of my choice. Problem is when I stop paying my content is deleted from Webflow. I would have bought into the design platform if you could save the content you’ve designed for something like a dollar a month.

As it stands I’ll probably end up having to slog through learning another platform that is more complex but allows me to keep what I create.

Why don’t you create the site and just copy it, export the the copy and keep your basic account. If you need just go down to the free account. Your original site will be in the free account. When you need options go back up to another account monthly. :grin:


I considered that but it’s not a workable solution given I have more than one site. Creating one account per site is a no go from an organizational and cost standpoint for obvious reasons. I’m not the type of customer Webflow is looking for, they are setup for a different demographic.

Looking for somebody to manage Facebook for a client of mine. Do you have any experience in that arena?