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Help integrating new customer form with Webflow to Xero


I was wondering if anyone had had any success creating a Xero development app that links into the form submission webhook on a Webflow site?

I am looking to create new a contact on my Xero account from a user entering details in a loosely password protected page on my Webflow website.

Any Ideas or anyone able to assist?

Many Thanks


Hi Tim,

This is possible what fields in your form are you wanting to populate in Xero?


Ideally I’d like to setup a means of creating a new contact with an address and a phone number and potentially a note field as well. I’m really just looking at it as an alternative to paying for piesync or zapier as I only need it to work one way.


Zapier would have been my suggestion. Make a few zaps and the monthly cost might be worthwhile.

Xero has an API (accounting>contacts) that would allow a developer to create / update contacts. The webhook function in webflow (project settings) can be set to post form submission data to another URL where it is then acted on.

This would need to be some middleware endpoint application (that you built) that would receive the data posted from webflow, then use the Xero api to perform the appropriate action with the captured data.

Not worth the build time unless you had many new customers every day or it was a service. I don’t think there would be enough requests to justify the build.