HELP: initial load time 1-2 mins

Hi guys,

I have a webflow site created by a freelancer who’s not available anymore.
I made a few changes to the site (copy, a few pictures), published it and now I’m seeing a crazy 1-2 min delay on the first load.

I even tried to go back to a backup, republished but no help (reveted to the one with my changes now).

Any ideas what could be causing this? Would really appreciate your help.
The site is at and the read only link is here:
Webflow - Shapr

Hi @Khalifa_Manaa :wave:
One of the reason is that page have some script on page HEAD settings and this script URL is not available:

Hi Dmitrii, really appreciate your help. Should I just delete the script?

@bro-design I deleted it and it worked!! Thank you so much man. Really really appreciate it.
BTW do you freelance? Could use some help with creating an additional landing page and a few other things. (if you are interested, ping me at