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Help / How to remove unknown code that may be connecting to unknown site outside

I have a site made by weflow.
In the site( below), I found unknown code and may be connecting to outside site.



Connecting Procces to unknown site(Performance view in developer tool):

Unknown site:

I haven’t place any custome code now.
But I am using one e-commerce templete.

How can I remove this code or process?

Thanks for your help.

Custom code can only exist in five places on. Webflow sites.

  • project settings custom code areas (header or before body close)
  • page settings custom code area (header or before body close)
  • Code embeds on a page (there can be multiples) which you can spot in the Navigator when expanded.

So check your and remove what is not needed. Of course you need to figure out the needed part.

To webdev

Thanks for your quick response.
I have checked them.
But I could not find anything like that.

But that code is existing yet…

I found the reason about it.
One plug in chrome made it.

Thanks for your help!