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Help! How to make a sub category?

Hey all! any members in this forum having a experience to create a sub category for blog in website?


thank you for the help

This is not possible without proxying your entire site with something like Cloudflare. You can’t nest collection slugs. There can only be one → collectionslug/itemslug is it.

Is there some reason that an “itemslug” can’t represent a hierarchy? E.g., cat-subcat-subsubcat ?

Edit: sorry, that would be cat-subcat-topic.

Webflow does not allow nesting of CMS collections or the creation of folders or pages under a collection path, only collection items. I wish it did. You are free to choose the slug of a CMS item, but you only get one.

That’s fine. But that’s not the only way to establish a hierarchy.

You can put pages in folders and subfolders but there is a limit on pages (100) and there is no index for folders.

You might try adding fields to “Blog Post Categories”. For example,

  1. Seq Number, to order the categories vertically, and
  2. Level, to show the indentation level within the hierarchy.

With these fields, one should be able to display a hierarchy of Categories to choose from, as many levels deep as you want.

Not quite the solution the OP asked for, but it ought to be effective.

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I should have mentioned that. Was focused on the hierarchy.

Getting the hierarchy into the Blog Post Categories is only the start. One then has to make it usable. I’m considering this for my own site (hence my interest in the topic). If I end up implementing it, I should post a summary here.