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Help! How do I add Image likes and comments

Hi! I’m newish to webflow. I’ve only built my own portfolio on webflow and now I’m trying to build a photographer’s site with a lot of photo galleries.

My background- I’m open to using a template and can try to use any 3rd party apps if needed. But I can’t code- I just don’t have the skills.

I’m having problems trying to find something with the ability to like or comment on images to create sort of a community feel on the site. Not unlike Instagram or Facebook.

Is there something for this function on webflow? Or anywhere else if not on webflow? I’ve looked at WIX, they have likes but no comments. Haven’t found anything else on square space.

Help please! Thank you all in advance!


Hello Laura, welcome to Webflow!

You have lots of options for this, 3rd party apps is the way to go but each one is a little different depending on exactly what you want. You can use or or watch this youtube video

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It seems like your suggestions may have overshot @Laura_Lau ‘s ask.

Having the ability to like or comment on a image in a gallery doesn’t need an entire integration like Zapier, does it?

It seems simple enough, but I’ve yet to see any photographer templates with a proofing page, which is basic photography functionality.

So I guess I’m reiterating some of what @Laura_Lau’s ask for myself with added clarification. Do you know an approach one could use?

True, it definitely doesn’t but it’s the best way if you’re trying to avoid code, I’ll get back to you once I hack some stuff together. I assume you’d have to embed some code into your CMS and have a post function so users can interact with it, I’m not even sure if any of this will work specially the post function but you can pretty much do anything with custom code so I don’t doubt we can figure something out. Once I have a better understanding I’ll be sure to update you.

Thanks MayaAna, Rani,

Yes, I’m basically looking for just a photographer template with a proofing page. Haven’t come across any photographer templates anywhere that seems to have this necessary function. They are all just photo galleries without function. Please let me know how I can get this done! Really appreciate it.



Webflow does not provide the feature set you are looking for. Honestly you are better of using a CMS that does. Most people that don’t use a service for this (like Smugmug or Photoshelter or …) use Wordpress since there are plugins that handle it like NextGEN Pro.