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Help Homepage Design

Hi Guys

I’m in need for some help here as I’m a bit of a newbie to web design
and making a site for my new company, I found a design homepage that I like and would like to know how could I get something like this
please see link:

I hoping someone here can explain to me how to get this effect?

Thank You

Here is my public share link: LINK
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The site looks very cool but there are so many effects, I don’t know which one you mean. ^^
What I see so far is that for most of the effects you will need some custom code. And I think that especially if you are new in the world of webdesign/webflow those effects will take you quite a while to get them to work.
I think even for pros this site took much more time than a “standard” website without animations. Thats just something I think you should consider doing your new website.

I think you right

Might have to look at other ways of making something interesting for my web page

You can look at the webflow showcase websites and see if you find something you like. The good thing of the showcase websites is that you can 1. clone them and 2. look exactly how they have done the site in webflow.
I wish you good luck!