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Help for Pet Hotel Website Available Room Gallery

Hi, I am trying to help a customer design a website for his new pet hotel.

I don’t have a problem designing and developing most of the static portions of the website, but there will be a portion in his website where the pet hotel room packages can be searched (with search fields) and filtered by size of the pet as well as available date.

The results of the search or filtering will presented in the form of clickable thumbnail images (perhaps as CMS collections) showing the information about the available rooms during that period of time.

Do you know a simple way this could actually be done?

Many thanks.

Hey @red22 I’m not sure if I understand you well. I saw a website that let you do custom filter. The price is $9/month. But again please check it yourself! I found that website when I want to add filter to my website book genres. Otherwise, my genres are less complex than your case. So a simple tabs will do for me. I doubt filter available date might need the help of code. Anyway I hope this can help a little.

Thanks. I am looking to build a simplified concept of what one sees in

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