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Help for a beginner


I wonder if someone can help? I’ve only just starting using Webflow and I’m creating a portfolio. I’m at a very early stage but to the left of my page I have my logo and underneath portfolio, about and contact. I would like to click on about and some the relevant text appear/scroll in to the right of the menu. The same for about. I’ve tried using a trigger click/tap, but the how do reset the text to it’s initial state state when you click on contact?

There’s probably a simple solution, but as I say I’m new to Webflow. Any help would be appreciated.



I might be off track Steve but it sounds like a simple section scroll may be all you need

Thanks HammerOz. I was aware of doing this but I really just wanted a static page where I click on About and the text fades in. Then click on Contact and About text disappears and the Contact text fades in, and vice versa. Maybe this can’t be done or I’m over complicating my design. Similar to what can be done with Show/Hide but without having to click the same button twice to make the text disappear. Thanks for responding so quickly.

It can be done. Many ways. I can show you tomorrow if you haven’t nailed it. On an iPad at present.

That’s brilliant. Thanks for your time.