Help: Footer on tablet and mobile view is not showing, but it's okay on Safari browser

Footer on mobile and tablet view is not showing on other pages except on the Homepage.
I tested publishing it, but it’s working on Safari the footer is showing, but not on the Webflow app and Google Chrome browser.

Desktop View (showing):
Mobile and Tablet View (not showing):

Note: The error is on the other pages only, when viewing tablet and mobile view not on the homepage

Thank you, guys!

I’m seeing it fine. is there a specific page it’s not showing on?

Yes DFink, sample page is the Budget Tracking (Tablet and Mobile view)

This is a chrome bug. I can replicate in chrome but safari is fine. Moving this topic to bugs. Feel free to email support and point them to this thread as well.

Hi @AdrianRayco, this happens in the designer because of the top margin applied to your sections:


When applying top margin to a section under the body, the amount of the top margin will not be scrollable in the designer but will be on the published site.

I would actually suggest to use top paddings instead of top margins.

Our team is working to either block the ability to add this kind margin or add a warning, when there is an update, I will post here.


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