Help - Flex Layout to render correctly in mobile IOS browsers

Hi Everyone,

So I’m trying to fix the Flex Layout to render correctly in mobile IOS browsers. Droid browsers seem to render fine. I’ve viewed forum posts, but I’m still in a pinch.

Here is a preview of my site

The square photos should display side-by-side and create 2 rows.
I uploaded a screen shot to serve as my mobile design intent.

Many thanks for your help,

Hi @Chris_Lo_Bue, try giving the index flex class a direction row, justify start:

Also give the image class a width of 33.333%

See if that helps, it seems to work for me:

I hope this helps!

Good Morning Dave,

Great to hear from you. I had my coffee and dbl. checked your recommendations, I’m not sure why I’m not seeing the rendering of my site that you are. Appreciate your screenshot.

Are your only changes the two you mentioned? I’ve made your recommendations, even played with changing index flex class from a position ‘Auto’ to position ‘Relative’.

Really appreciate your help,

Hi Dave,

I started building my Flex layout from scratch - based on your recomendations and - it’s working fine.
Please disregard my prior reply email.

Thank you again for your help!

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