HELP - Filtering on date in Activity Calendar with single and multiple day events

Hi everyone,

I need help to create a page with an activity calendar with events during the next 7 days. I’m having trouble with filtering the event list because I have different type of events.

I wan’t to show:

  • 1 day events starting and ending today
  • 1 day events starting and ending in the next seven days
  • continuous events starting in the past and ending in the future (+7 days) (eg: starts on 1 March - ends on 30 June)
  • continuous events starting today or in the next seven days

I don’t want to show:

  • 1 day event starting in the future (+7 days)
  • 1 days event starting and ending in the past
  • continuous events that ended in the past
  • continuous that will start in the future (+7days)

Using the filter options using end and start date I always miss some events I want to show or I have events that I want to hide.

How can we make this work?
Thanks in advance!

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