Help embedding GitHub code with custom HTML component

Hey all!

I’m fairly new to Webflow, but I’m loving the platform so far!

I’m attempting to embed a product building tool on the site that I’m pulling from GitHub. It uses custom HTML, CSS, and JQuery. I want to get the embed working with the default tool before customizing it to fit our needs.

Here’s the tool I’m trying to embed:

Here’s its GitHub link:

From what I’ve seen, there’s a couple ways to tackle the problem. You can embed everything through the custom embed tool in Webflow, or just embed the HTML there and the CSS and Jquery in the header and body through the dashboard settings.

Here’s the test page I’m attempting it on:

(Building the website using a great Webflow template, so please excuse the absolute mess it’s in.)

The HTML is showing up just fine, but the CSS and Jquery isn’t. Am I doing something wrong on the GitHub side, or with Webflow?

Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Thank you!