Help: dynamic embed with nested CMS collection on CMS template page

I have two CMS collections: “jobs” and “members”
On the jobs template page, I have a collection list of members, filtered to only show the members who are available to do this job.

I now need to create webhook link to contact each member.
Each job has a job_id field, and each member has a member_ID field. I to access both fields to trigger the webhook correctly.

I tried to use a dynamic embed to get both the job_id and member_id.
However it seems you can only reference fields from one collection at a time.

Is there anyway way to get both the job_ID and member_ID to show up in the same embed?

I wonder if there is a bit of javascript that can grab the job_ID value from the page (maybe using a hidden element?) and then combine that with the member_ID dynamic field.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - MAYDAY