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Help Donate - Over 60,000 Haitians lost their homes to Hurricane Matthew

Join in rebuilding Haiti!

Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti with 140+ winds and has left 60,000 people without shelter. “…Wiped out. Barely 1% of houses are standing,” ABC News.

We have the opportunity to completely change this. With New Story, we can help build a new community in the hardest hit part of Haiti. 100% of your donation will hire locals, buys local materials, and build a home. A home that will be the foundation and protection for health, education, and the future. Even better, New Story will show us the exact family we help and send us a video as the family moves into their new home for full accountability and transparency.

New Story has already built 211 homes in Haiti. They all survived the hurricane completely and protected over 1,000 people. Join us and let’s do for some what we wish we could do for all!