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HELP: Display Date and Time, Notification Pop-up and Copy to clipboard button


I am just learning webflow and it help me recently relearn webpage creation too. Now I am stuck with these 3 areas for my site to be used in the office. It is just a straight-forward quick links site.

Hope you could help me on…

  1. How to display current Date and Time in the section which says:
    Monday 4/18/2016 8:47 AM
    right now it is just plain text.

  2. Making a full webpage notification pop-up that displays the text in the section:
    Please do the Weekly Report!

  3. In the Review Feedback div, I wish to have the two buttons with texts to be the Copy to clipboard buttons copying the text in it. Or a separate text area and copy to clipboard buttons.

Here is my work in progres:

Here is the read-only link of it:

Thank you in advance.

Insert this into an embed code:

var d = new Date();
var isAm = d.getHours() <= 12;
  ['Monday', 'Tuesday', 'Wednesday', 'Thursday', 'Friday', 'Saturday', 'Sunday'][d.getDay()] + ' ' +
  (1+d.getMonth()) + '/' +
  d.getDate() + '/' +
  d.getFullYear() + ' ' +
  (isAm ? d.getHours() : d.getHours()%12)  + ':' +
  ("00" + d.getMinutes()).slice(-2) + ':' +
  ("00" + d.getSeconds()).slice(-2) + ' ' +
  (isAm ? 'AM' : 'PM')


Use interactions to display a div with that message on page load.

You need to hire a developer to implement zeroclipboard for you.


Thank you so much! Will try the code for the time and date and let you know the outcome.

Follow up Q: for the pop-up display using interactions, can I set it to every Thursday and Friday to show, cause those are the days we do weekly reports?

Forgot to indicate that basically, we only use IE 11, so zeroclipboard won’t workI guess? cause it is not included in the Browser section which the site says for the demo.

In that case, you will require custom JS code. You may hire a web developer to do that.