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Help disabling vertical page scroll during swipe Left or Right

Hello! I am wondering if on mobile devices, there’s a way to kill vertical page scroll on the fly while swiping left or right on a slider. Currently, if i am swiping left or right to navigate through slides, the page scrolls an obnoxious amount with the slightest finger movement down or up.

I’ve attempted implementing the TouchSwipe jQuery plugin, but am not completely sure it’s accomplishing what I want, or if I’m inputting the code correctly.

I have also looked at jQuery Mobile effects, but I don’t think that’s going to accomplish what I’m looking for. I could be wrong.

The best example I can give of what I’m wanting to achieve, is of the notifications on iPhone when the screen is locked. If you begin swiping left or right to either view or clear a notification, it detects that movement and disables vertical page scrolling until you lift your finger back up. I realize this is probably done using swift, but I know there has to be a jQuery/JavaScript touch event that can control this.

I hope I’m making myself sound clear. Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated!

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same issue here! hope someone can help us :slight_smile:

Hi, did you fine a solution?

Looking for a solve to this as well

Did anyone find a solution to this? It seems like a common feature on lots of non Webflow sites.

I’m having the same issue. Anyone else have any luck?

I ran into this problem on a client’s site and was able to fix it by making sure that the slider and slides within it stretched the full width of the screen. Instead of having margin outside of my slides, I made them full width and added padding on the inside. I think most of the unintended vertical scrolling comes from sliding your thumb across the edge of the screen that isn’t contained by the slider element. This solution may not be possible with all designs, but hopefully can help out in a lot of cases!