Help Customizing the WebFlow Sastek Template

Hi Everyone ! I’m looking for some Webflow advice / help.

The company I am working for want to rebuild our website on Webflow. We started by buying the Sastek template to use as a base and now I am in the process of customizing it, but I keep running into issues. I’ve been trying to use Webflow University / Youtube Tutorials to learn the platform and fix things - but they don’t cover the specific issues I am facing.

Are there any Webflow gurus out there who would be willing to give me a online tutorial of how to edit a Webflow template / help with specific issues I am facing?


Tbh working with webflow is a hard job, and if you are unfamiliar with it, becomes harder, I can give you a mentorship if needed connect with me on

Hey @Jannah_Ruthven :wave:

Customising Webflow templates is what I do :blush:

Shall we have a chat? Feel free to email me with you availability:

(Here’s my website for more info: :zap: