Help creating a dynamic Modal for about 40 images

Hi, I need help/tips for making a modal when pressing an image, that can also switch its content when pressing a new image. See link and press an image:

That’s their old Joomla website which is offline. Making their new in Webflow.

I’ve made my best try creating this… but then I will have to create a modal for every single image… and animation for every single… I’ve done my test here:…/om-marten…

Go furthest down and press on one of the 3 images and you will see. I’m stuck and any help is appreciated… I mean I can’t make a different modals and animations for like 100 images… must be a better way…

My Read-only: Webflow - Mårten Andersson Design

Hey Fredrik!

Check the “Some of our plants” section

is that what you need? :thinking:

it’s CMS driven

Also, I’m on my phone and I can’t check your read-only link, you can set the interation to class so it affects all with the same class and triggers its children


Hi, thanks for your fast reply.
Yes this looks like what I need! :slight_smile:
I’m cloning it now and see if I can make the same…

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Hi again, i’ve done it now! :slight_smile:
but i cant get the Close Modal to work… it pops up again… could you take a look at my read-only please?

I’ve completed the modal now. But I would need a Next and Prev button, but dont get it working, could someone come with tips?