Help creating a 2-stage form


I’m looking to create a form for new trial signups. The form is a 2-part form.

Here is the caveat: lots of users complete “Step 1” on our current form but not Step 2, because they get fatigued completing the information.

Because of that, we don’t want the user to be aware that it’s a 2-part form. At least this way, if the user only completes Ste 1, we can contact the user afterwards to see if they’re interested and get feedback.

Mor is explained here:

Can someone provide advice on how to create a 2-part form where the user isn’t immediately shown there are 2 parts to the form?


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Hi @Tim_Lichti

There can be several ways to create such form. I think this is one of the most simple:

Form can have 2 blocks: “main” (step1) and “advanced” (step2). Main block will be visible and Advanced block can be opened by clicking on some small button (“more info” or something like this). Initially Advanced block will have height=0px and on click height=auto.


Webflow forms cover basic functionalities only. For advanced features I’d recommend integrating into Webflow. It works neatly and complex functionalities are really easy to make there.

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