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Help - Create view from 2 collection where the first data is in the first page and second page form other collection

Hi every one.
It’s very difficult to explain my problem.

In CMS I have 2 collections:

  1. Family
  • Family name
  • Family Description
  • Number of components
  • Photo of the family
  • Multi-reference to Collection “Family Components” (i’m not sure it’s right)
  1. Family Components
  • Member name
  • description
  • Photo
  • Number (just for sort the record visualization)
  • Single-reference toward collection “family”

I create record like:

Family collections

  1. Simpson - description Simpson Family - 4 members - Photo of the Simpson family
  2. Avengers - description Avengers - 2 members - Photo of Avengers

Members Family

  1. Family reference Simpson - Father - Homer - Description Mike - 1 (number) - Homer’s Photo

  2. Family Reference Simpson - Mother - Marge - Description Marge - 2 - Marge’s Photo

  3. Family Reference Simpson - Son - Burt - Description Burt - 3 - Burt’s Photo

  4. Family Reference Simpson - Daughter - Maggie - Description Maggie - 4 - Maggie’s Photo

  5. Family Reference Avengers - Father - Hulk - Description Hulk - 1 - Hulk’s Photo

  6. Family Reference Avengers - Mother - Black Widow - Description Black Widow - 2 - Black Widow’s Photo

My goal is create a page (or multiple page) where show those data one by one.

For example:
In the first page I have the list of families.
So we have Simpson and Avengers with a thumbnails.
Clicking on one of them go to the detail of one of them.
In the second page I see the data of Simpson family.
When click a button “read more” remain just the family name and will show the data of the first member of the family.
When I click on next, the data change to show the second member’s data… and so on.

I made a view with paginate items to go to next record but I made manual filter. But must be automatic filter if I click con the preview of one family.

Can you help me?


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