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Help CMS e-commerce: can't get images from multi-images field


I am trying to pull up images from a multi-images field. Pictures have been uploaded under more images (multi-image) in my CMS. Nevertheless, I can’t make appear these product images in my design. I can only use the products uploaded in main image. Is someone could help me out, please?

To give you a bit of perspective: I would like to use more images field in order to reveal them on hoover for my product page and categories products page

Many thanks for your time,

Screenshot 2021-05-19 at 11.39.54

Here is my site Read-Only:

Any help would be really appreciated ! Many thanks,

Hey @Drover!

I just checked your preview link and it looks like you were able to connect it
(Here’s a SNAPSHOT of what I see on my end.)

Were you able to figure it out, or am I looking at the wrong thing?

Please let me know!

Hey @rrabrot ,

Thank you for you reply.

It is working on this page but I would like to use the more images field in others pages including : Products page and Category template. The aim is to add dynamically all the images per product in order to realise an hoover interaction (reveal 2nd product picture on hoover). I can’t do this interaction as I don’t have access to the multi image field under the design for those pages. Could you help me out, please?

@rrabrot Do you have the time to find a solution ? Many thanks

Hi @Drover, the product multi-image field can only be used on the products collection page and not within static pages or other collection pages.

For additional reference on the multi-image field please visit: Multi-image field overview | Webflow University

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Hi @johnramos,

Alright ! Quite a shame…

Could you provide me with a concrete solution, please? How should I reveal my 2nd products pictures on hoover animation if I can’t access to my “more images field” from the designer?

ps : I already checked the multi-image field video as I built my product template page :slight_smile:

Many thanks,

What? this is crazy. So i can’t access the multi-image field in a Collection List with source ‘Products’ even though I can access all other fields?? Is that mentioned in the documentation anywhere? I’ve been beating my head against this issue for 3 days now.