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Help clearing out unused assets from asset manager

Hi all -

curious if anyone knows how to clear out unused assets from the “asset manager” section. when I work, I sometimes update an asset and reload it. problem is… I land up w multiple versions of an asset in the folder.

looking for something along the lines of “CLEAN UP STYLES” in the styles nav. … but for assets.

Any help would be appreciated.

Scott B.

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Hey @scottbarbey

The current work around for this is to duplicate your site. The unused images should be removed from the asset manager.




I’ll give it a shot. thx big time

any way to rename assets once loaded? (for better organizing)

Hi @scottbarbey, not at the moment, but this is a good idea for upcoming versions of the Asset Manager :slight_smile:

True Asset Management is sorely needed. ++1

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yeah. renaming will be helpful. :slight_smile: