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Help / Clarification Needed Re E-Commerce Products Template. Expert Required

Hi there,

Can someone provide some clarity on this please:

If you look at the share link I’ve provided, you’ll see a page I previously created for products, which was populated via CMS.

I’m now looking to upgrade the to the e-Commerce platform and have populated that page using test products from the e-Commerce Products.

When you click on any product, a “product drawer” slides out, where you can select and add the product to the cart.

Based on the above scenario, my question is this… and it may be the stupidest question ever asked… but why would I need the Products Template page? Do I have to use it?
More importantly, if I don’t, will something else be affected within the e-Commerce anatomy?

Thanks in advance for any wisdom you can share.


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Toggery-ecom-test

Hi @Ozalcin,
the template is for the products detail page. The same as a product page on f.e. amazon. I don’t think that you have to use it.

If you don’t link to the products detail page, no user will get on these sites.


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Thanks so much Maxi.

I don’t see a use for it (for the moment) in our customer flow as the product page is essentially the drawer that slides out. I can see how it can add value for certain scenarios and would obviously provide SEO juice…

My main concern was if other parts of e-Comm functionality were dependent on that template.

Thanks again.