Help Center structure

Hi there,
I am creating a Help Center and I have doubts about the best logic for the collections.
This HC will have a small amount of categories (around 5) and each one them will have some articles associated (between 10 and 30). No subcategories for the moment.
I created a CMS collection for the categories. Then I created another CMS collection for the articles, and every article will have a reference to a category collection.
The problem I see with this approach is that in terms of organization it’s a little messy. All articles will be managed from the same collection, and therefore there will be much chaos…

Is this the best logic to create a CMS Help Center?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Gerard. Love that you’ve posed this question as I’m currently dealing with something similar, but instead of categories and articles, it’s courses and lessons in an e-learning platform. I applied the same approach you describe here, and I feel like from a back-end usability perspective, it would be nice if we could define custom columns in the CMS backend to sort by the referenced collection entry. For now though, I don’t have enough content to cause mass confusion, and I’m the only one in it, so it’s not a big issue. I do feel like this is the best approach until there are improvements made to our options in the CMS backend.