Help - cannot enable Navbar Menu!

Hello to all webflow-ians !

I’m having some trouble enabling my Navbar drop-down menu - for some reason the menu simply will not show up, I have tested this in iPad view mode, as I’m trying to build a dropdown menu for iPad screen resolution and below.

Please if anyone could help me with the visibility - I have enabled viewing on all device types but for some reason I just cannot get the drop-down menu to show. I’m sure it’s some rookie mistake I’ve overlooked. See below for share link.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hello @planetaryrecords

The issue is that you deleted the menu button and nav menu div so there’s nothing to show.

Hi @aaronocampo - thanks for your fast reply !

I am sure i must have deleted the button and div by accident. This is the first website i built and i’m coming back to it and changing a whole lot of things.

Is there a way to re-add the button and div so the drop-down menu works as normal ?

thanks for your help !

No problem @planetaryrecords, you can just add another navbar into your project and copy and paste the elements you need.

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thanks @aaronocampo for all of your help :slightly_smiling_face:

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