Help - Can Webflow Do This

Hi everyone, I’m not sure I put this in the proper forum.

I am considering bidding on a real estate website but wanted to ask the forum a question.

The real estate office has about 6 offices and 100+ agents. They would like each agent to have his/her own set of pages, that a potential home buyer can get to via the main realtor website. They would like each agent to have the ability to make changes to their own pages and add blog posts if they want. So each agent would need to be able to access just their own pages but not anyone else’s. Is this possible with Webflow?

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Hello @annette,

Yes!! you can totally do what you want for that real estate office. All thanks to collection items, you can set collections designed by you to each individual agent and they can edited them. You can also set passwords pages to each collection so that each agent edits just their own content. You can navigate one of the templates for real estate websites and take a look for yourself. Here is one premium template Remember, you can open the template on the designer before you buy it and see all the options available for regarding CMS collections. I hope this helps. Good Luck

Thanks so much for your reply, Pablo_Cortes. I’m glad to know that Webflow can do this. It’s way above my head at this point but that’s how we learn! I’ll begin researching how to do this.

Thanks again for your quick reply.


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